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2 Pieces of Flash Light Ear Pick

2 Pieces of Flash Light Ear Pick

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Original Price : RM39.9

Additional Details

Package Includes:
1x flashlight ear pick handle
1x thick ear pick
1x thin ear pick
1x tweezers
3x button cell

Product Specs:
Material: Plastic
Dimension: 13.9cm (L) x 1.7cm (W) x 1cm (H)
Weight: 19g
LED Curette is powered by 3x AG3 button cells

Product Features:
Simple to use, safe, easy to clean and reusable
Handle with transparent accessories help clean ears conveniently
Built-in LED with On/Off buttons, lights up the ear canal for safe removal of wax
Two types of ear pick – thick and thin – suitable for adults and children
Tweezers included for stubborn earwax



LED Light Safety Ear Pick Wax Remover Earpick Features: Has a built in LED light for easy viewing Battery powered (included) Comes with 3 fittings – thin for children, a little thicker for adults and one with tweezers You can remove the ear wax from the earhole clearly safely with this flashlight earpick, it also can be used as a flashlight in night. Switch on before use. The spoon part illuminates to facilitate inspecting the inside of an ear. Two types of earpicks, i.e thick and thin, are available for different ear hole sizes of adults and children. Light on the earpick should be turned off after using. If it is not used for a long period, take out the battery in case battery leakage damaging the product.