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2 Pieces of Stapless Stapler

2 Pieces of Stapless Stapler

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Original Price : RM38

Additional Details

Product Specs:
100% New Plastic Eco-Friendly Stapless Stapler Paperclip Staple.
Color: Random color will be shipped
Made of plastic and flexible spring construction
Binds about 5 pages without traditional staples
Holds with a buckle stitch, punched out of the paper sheet itself
Safely for Kids to touch
Environmental and no run out of staplers again
Size: L60 x W57 x H48 (mm)
Weight: 64g
Measurements: 2.25″ L x 2.25″ W x 2″ H



Believe it or not, this ingenious new Staple Free Stapler uses absolutely no staples. So no more torn paper, hooked clothing, painful finger pokes, and no more wrestling with a jammed stapler.This environmentally friendly office device simply cuts a little flap in the corner of your papers, folds the flap back and tucks it into a tiny slit, and it dose it as quickly and easily as an old regular stapler. It’s not as permanent as a staple, and the limit is 5 pages, but for what it does, it’s very well designed, and the pages can be pulled apart without tearing, under ordinary circumstances they hold together very well.


The staple free stapler is safe for all ages, and maintenance free. There are no metal prongs to catch your finger, sweater, or important documents on, and you won’t have to spend your precious time undoing a staple jam. There are several different styles, colors and manufactures of this revolutionary device. With a little investigating you can find the perfect color and modern style to match your office decor.You’ll never run out of stapling power with these little gadgets on your desk. These staple-less staplers fuse your paper by punching a small, neat hole in your documents and folding the remaining flaps together for a secure binding. No staples are necessary, so it’s safe for kids, ideal for paper shredders and better for the environment. The gentle hold works best on just a few pieces of paper. Sold as a set of 2 stapleless staplers.

How to use:
Step 1: Slide in sheets of paper until they are pushed up against the back of the unit
Step 2: Push down evenly with your flat hand
Step 3: Once released, pull out paper in arrow direction. Sheets of paper will be affixed together