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2 Pieces Waterproof Pouch for smartphones

2 Pieces Waterproof Pouch for smartphones

63% OFF 2 Pieces Waterproof Pouch for smartphones. Available in 2 Colours. Only RM30 instead of RM80. Free Delivery to Peninsula Malaysia.

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Original Price : RM80

Additional Details

Product Specs:
Double safety fastening latches ensures water resistance
Includes handy adjustable neck strap
Crystal-clear screen protector allows for convenient use of your device
It multi task as a great waterproof travel pouch for all outdoor and travel activities
Suitable for all iphones, Samsung Galaxy and Samsung Notes
Also can be used for indoor activities as a name tag for exhibitions and as your concert ticket holder.
Available in 2 colors: Blue and Pink with matching colour neck straps


If you love outdoor sports and activates then what you need is todays StreetDeal offering. The 2 Pieces Waterproof Pouch for smartphones will keep your camera or handphone safe while you go about your sports/outdoor activities. It comes with a safety ring and clip for added security. Made from durable PVC, it features a waterproof protective membrane on the front which lets you control your touch screen and use your device when required. It is easily cleaned and also includes a neck strap to keep your device on you at all times