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2 Sessions V Shape Face Slimming, Scott Garden

[2 Sessions] V Shape Face Slimming, Scott Garden

Chinese New Year Promotion! 95% OFF [2 Sessions] V-Shape Face Slimming Package + RM548 Cash Voucher + Sleeping Mask. Only RM48 instead of RM1059 at Face to Face, The Scott Garden.

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Original Price : RM1059

Additional Details

Package Includes:
2 sessions of V-Shape Face Slimming Package (60 minutes per session)
RM548 Cash Voucher
1 x Sleeping Mask

Treatment Duration: 120 Minutes (2 hours)


Think you look fat in pictures because of the chubby cheeks? Sometimes having a little bit of baby fats on the face could make you look huge especially in pictures even though you have a skinny body. Todays StreetDeal could help you solve your picture problem. Get that perfect V-Shaped face with todays StreetDeal from Face to Face.


If you have always long for that perfectly shaped face or really tired of having the same pose while taking pictures to hide that double chin, Face to Face is the perfect solution for you!


This one hour treatment aims to burn the baby fat around your face resulting in a slimmer shape face. This is a non-invasive treatment, so you wont have to go under the knife to get a perfectly shaped face. Only DR.PGA products are used to carry out the treatment. Youll be in good hands with Face to Faces experience consultants and beautician.