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2Pax Japanese Set Meal at Moriawase Bento

2Pax Japanese Set Meal at Moriawase Bento
From RM39.80 for 2Pax Japanese Set Meal (Tempura / Karaage / Salmon Aburi) at Moriawase Bento (Pork Free) (Ara Damansara)

[Grab it now RM39.80 @ ensogo]

Normal Price : RM70

  • Pork Free
  • Chef with 35 years of experience
  • Set menu comprises of multiple courses
  • Conveniently located in Ara Damansara
  • Sufficient parking available

Be it little or small, boxes or packages always comes with delightful surprises inside! Excite and tingle your taste buds with what’s cooking at Moriawase Bento. Asian food enthusiasts will be gobbling on delicious cuisines that will definitely calm down grumbling tummies. Indulge yourself to a feast that comes in box packed with yummy food. Gather family and friends around because good food always has to be paired with good company.

What You Get: 
Offer 1: 2Pax Tempura Set Meal (RM39.80)

Meal includes: 
– 4x Tekka Maki
– 4x Hiyako
– 2x Miso Soup
– 2x Green Salad
– 2x Butter Fish
– 2x Chicken Fried Rice
– Tempura Set for 2
– 2x Bottomless Green Tea

Offer 2: 2Pax Karaage Set Meal (RM44.80)

Meal includes: 
– Edamame for 2
– 6x Salmon Sashimi + Salad
– 4x Inari Sushi
– 2x Miso Soup
– 2x California Hand Roll
– 2x Nato Kakiage
– 2x Salmon Rice Set
– Chicken Karaage for 2
– 2x Bottomless Green Tea

Offer 3: 2Pax Salmon Aburi Set Meal (RM49.80) 

Meal includes: 
– Mixed Salad for 2
– 4x Salmon Maki
– 2x Miso Soup
– 2x Chuka Idako
– 2x Butter Fish
– 2x Salmon Sushi
– 2x Aburi Salmon
– 2x Garlic Fried Rice
– 2x Bottomless Green Tea
– Fruits for 2

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