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3 Boxes of Kinoki Foot Detoxification Pad

3 Boxes of Kinoki Foot Detoxification Pad

84% OFF 3 Boxes of Kinoki Foot Detoxification Pad. Only RM24 instead of RM148. Free Delivery to Peninsula Malaysia.

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Original Price : RM148

Additional Details

3 Boxes: Kinoki Foot Patches
Each box contains 10 pieces
Relieves body from aches, pain and stress

Increases energy levels and decreases fatigue
Relaxes muscles and tendons, and eliminates moisture
Speeds up assimilation of nutrients to cells

Simple to use and works while youre asleep – say hello to minimal effort

Instructions: Use the foot patch before bed and remove it in the morning, wiping down your feet with a wet cloth. Patch may appear to be greenish to black, depending on the individual. Use daily until discharge color is lighter and then use twice weekly to maintain a healthy body

Made from all Natural Ingredients:
Wood vinegar Extract
Bamboo vinegar Extract
Chitin and chitosan
Vitamin C
Vegetable fiber
Minus Ion Powder

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This is simply amazing. All a Kinoki Foot Pad needs is a mere 4-5 hours of walking, or one night’s sleep, to have greasy fats and toxins flushed out of your body system. We suggest you get yourself 10 boxes, for optimum results. And of course, if you feel good about it, you may even opt for long-term use. Seeing that it is made of natural detoxification ingredients, we recommend this as a 100% quality guaranteed product. Get yourself 10 boxes to kick-start a healthier lifestyle today.