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3 in 1 Camera Lens attache (iPhone 5/5S)

3 in 1 Camera Lens attache (iPhone 5/5S)

61% OFF 3-in-1 Camera Lens attache for iPhone 5/5S. Only RM39 instead of RM99. Free delivery to Peninsular Malaysia included.

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Original Price : RM99

Additional Details

Product Specs:
Macro Lens: This lens enables photos to be taken 12 15mm from the object. Usually we would have difficulty in focusing but the macro lens would enable us to do so.
Wide Angle Lens: This lens enables photo taken to be with a wider angle. This is a must have if you intend to take photos with a huge environment.
Fisheye lens: This lens provides a fun picture taking perspective. With 180 degrees of viewing angle, this lens will sure make the dullest picture into the most interesting photo.
The best part is that you can take professional grade photo without the use of a DSLR and instantly upload into the social media. So what are you waiting for? Come grab yours today!!
Comes in 3 colors: White, Black, Red
Compatible to iPhone 5/5s


Package includes:
1 piece of camera lens attaché
Macro Lens
Wide Angle Lens
Fisheye Lens


Always wanting to take photos with unique angles that your iPhone 5s camera software cannot support? Fear not, because there is 3-in-1 camera lens attaché to save the day. With the ease of just attaching on your iPhone within seconds, you can now have 3 different types of lens for the price of one.