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3 Way Foldable Bag + FREE Twist N Clip

3 Way Foldable Bag + FREE Twist N Clip

68% OFF Korean Made 3-Way Foldable Bag + FREE Twist N Clip. Only RM25 instead of RM79. Free Delivery to Peninsula Malaysia.

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Original Price : RM79

Additional Details

Product Specs:
• Size: 54 x 27 (cm)
• Color choice: Hot Pink, Light Green, Blue
• Material: Poly
• Multifunction
• Big capacity

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Instead of canvas bag, use the water-resistant bag to store your gym outfit as the material of the bag will not absorb the odour from your outfit after a rigorous workout. Similarly, the bag can withstand damp swimming outfit, so it is suitable to be used to store wet suits instead of using regular plastic bags, indirectly being environment-friendly. The water-resistant feature ensures your belongings in the bag are kept comparatively dry outdoors when you’re hiking, jungle trekking, or searching for mermaids

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FREE Twist N Clip