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4 in 1 Car Accessories Set

4 in 1 Car Accessories Set

57% OFF Gripgo + Scratches Car Remover + In Car USB Universal Charger + Solar Fan Ventilation system. Only RM85 instead of RM199. Free Delivery to Peninsula Malaysia.

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Original Price : RM199

Additional Details

Product Specs:
Gripgo Holder:
– Size Including Box: 11.5*10.5*7.5
– Weight: 0.25KGS
– Color Available : Black Color Only
– Easy Stick On : Support most mobile devices

Car Scratches Remover:
– Size Including Box: 10.5*18.5*0.5
– Weight: 0.15KGS
– Color Available : Default Only
– Support all type car and colors

Solar Fan Ventilation System:
– Size Including Box: 15*8*7.5
– Weight: 0.25KGS
– Color Available : Black Color Only
– Support all type vehicle
– (Performance is base on the solar power received, may be different result in different weather and car window tinting)

In Car USB Universal Charger:
– Size Including Box: 7*10.5*3.5
– Weight: 0.15KGS
– Color Available : Random Color Provided
– Input: 12-24V
– Output: 5V 1000Mah



Today’s StreetDeal offers you a fantastic 4 in 1 set of car accessories which includes a Gripgo Holder for your mobiles, a Car scratch remover for all types and colours, a solar ventilation system (based on the solar power received) and of course a car USB charger which enables charging for any devices if suitable charging cables are provided by users.