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5D4N Full Board Tour of Nanning, Guilin, and Yangshuo with Stay at Local Hotels


  • Guided tour of sites and attractions including the Li River, Ten Mile Gallery, the Sun and Moon Twin Pagodas, Too Lianda Square, Yushan Park, the Pierced Hill Park, and more.
  • Travel till Jun 30, 2015.

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Nanning, Guilin, and Yangshuo: Excursion into the Cusp of Modernity and Tradition

Inbound guests leave Malaysian shores and touch down in Guangxi’s capital of Nanning, dubbed the Green City for its abundance of greenery that sprawls parallel to the area’s urban profusion. Holding historical stature as the furthest southern outpost for trading entities across China since the Song Dynasty, the district’s meridional location afforded convenience as a trading port, as well as prominence through numerous victories over incursions from the French during the Qing Dynasty, and multiple uprisings throughout the eras that followed. Nicknamed the Heroic City for its defensive successes, the city now stands as a bold amalgam of industrial urbanity and lush scenery, yielding sights of business districts and shopping haunts juxtaposed with the natural crux of Mt. Qingxiu, known as the city’s “green lung”.

Delving past the central Guangxi province and further into its northeast regions, travellers embark on a scenic trail into Guilin; a prefectural city that holds sway over the urban inclinations of surrounding towns through the majestic natural scenery of the Li River. Far-reaching tracts of forested karsts decorate the river’s winding course, halving Guilin as the waters stretch from north to south. Adding to the district’s river town charm, meandering lakes Banyan and Cedar demarcate Guilin’s downtown vicinity, with the lakes’ respective parks now sprawling past previous Tang Dynasty incarnations as moated strongholds.

Extending further down south, the breadth of Guilin gives way to the humble county of Yangshuo, a greener retreat of mountainous terrain and village views melded together with a culmination of cultural folk traditions. Among the long-held practices to be seen here include sights of osprey-assisted fishing, with bamboo rafts conveying local fishermen into river stretches where daily catches are handily plucked by avian aides. The vibrancy of tradition extends to the town’s homestretch of the aforementioned Li River, manifested in night-time shows of the Impression of Liu Sanjie – a cultural blend of storytelling, colour, and theatrics detailing the symbolic representation of unity between man and nature. Enacted by local members of the Zhuang minority, the performance includes sights of massive folk celebrations with songs chanted by a cast featuring 200 of the district’s natives, making for a resplendent display across the river’s waters.


Day 1 (D)

  • Malaysia – Nanning

Day 2 (B, L, D)

  • Li River
  • Moon Hill
  • Ten Mile Gallery
  • Yu Long River
  • Osprey show
  • West Street

Day 3 (B, L, D)

  • Scenic area of Banyan and Cedar Lake
  • South Gate
  • Big Banyan Tree
  • Marble Zig Zag Bridge
  • Sun and Moon Twin Pagodas
  • Too Lianda Square
  • Shan Shui Jian
  • Night view of Guilin
  • Zheng Yang pedestrian street

Day 4 (B, L, D)

  • Yushan Park
  • Mulong Lake Park – ASEAN Theme Zone
  • Nan Cheng Store
  • Liu San Jie Park

Day 5 (B, D)

  • Two Rivers, Four Lakes scenery
  • Pierced Hill Park
  • Pierced Hill Cave
  • Speed train to Nanning
  • Transfer to airport

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Add-Ons (payable to Mangga Travels & Tour)

  • Halal meals: RM150 per person per package.
  • Tour and viewing of the Impression Liu Sanjie light show: RMB220 per person.