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61 Educational Solar Powered Robot Kit

6-in-1 Educational Solar Powered Robot Kit
Educational Robot Kit Contains 21 Separate Parts that Allows the User to Build 6 Different Robots without Requiring Tools and is Solar Powered Eliminating the Need for Batteries

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Normal Price : RM94.30

    • Build 6 different robots with 21 separate parts without tools
    • Build an airboat, windmill, dog, car and 2 different planes
    • Solar powered robots do not require battery
    • Excellent beginner building kit for kids
    • Dimensions:
      • Boat model: 121mm (L) x 61mm (W) x 86mm (H)
      • Windmill model: 154mm (L) x 153mm (W) x 239mm (H)
      • Dog model: 68mm (L) x 46mm (W) x 64mm (H)
      • Car model: 70mm (L) x 54mm (W) x 34mm (H)
      • Plane model: 154mm (L) x 61mm (W) x 94mm (H)
      • Revolving plane model: 218mm (L) x 61mm (W) x 166mm (H)
    • Weight: 130g
    • Solar cell life: 3-5 years
    • Motor: 12000prm/s