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98% Off Learn to Read Body Language from RM48

[98% Off] Learn to Read Body Language from RM48

  • 3-month course with 12 modules covering body language communication, decoding and recognising body language, and more.
  • Suitable for those seeking a career in communications.
  • Includes module tests and final exam. Online certification provided.
  • Learn at an individual pace.

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Different facial expressions reveal different things; smiling shows happiness, frowns show sadness, and a quizzical look is the mixture of confusion and regret after finishing the old tub of ice-cream left in the freezer. Today-s Groupon reads the signs with a three-month online body language course from SMART Majority. Choose from:

  • 1 person from RM48 instead of RM2,152.60
  • 2 people for RM68 instead of RM4,305.20 (only RM34 per person)

Course outline

  • Introduction to body language communication
    – Understand the cues, signs, and ways to read body language
    – Learn about body language, emotions, first impressions, and intuition
  • Body language and what does it say about you
    – Decode your own body language
    – Understand the message you are transmitting through vocal cues and facial expressions
  • Body language and what does it say about others
    – Understand, recognise, and respond to different facial expressions and body signals
  • Course includes 12 different modules spanning three months
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Click here for all course modules.

Modules require approx. 3 – 4 hours of study. Internet access and audio required.

Smart Majority

The online education provider aims to improve the lives of users through a diverse range of courses including event management, interior design, and nutrition. SMART Majority breaks down its courses into separate modules which focus on different aspects of the specific subject, allowing students to absorb information easily within a short amount of time. Master Spanish or French linguistic skills within a few months- time while improving career prospects and impressing potential foreign partners.

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