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Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass
Artificial Grass Looks and Feels like the Real Thing, Creates an Illusion of having a Beautiful, Evergreen Landscape while being Maintenance-Free and is also Child- and Environmentally-Friendly as it Does Not Need Any Pesticide and Insecticide

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Artificial grass a new, unique product currently used in the market to replace natural grass.
It looks and feels almost exactly like real grass and when installed properly can create beautiful evergreen landscape which is maintainencefree and a practical solution to the problems associated with planting and upkeeping real grass.
Today, many choose to use artificial grass because it allows us to enjoy a beautiful garden without having to cut, mow, weed, trim and water our grass. As we will no longer need to use insecticides and pesticides, this is also a safe alternative for children and environmentally friendly for the long term sustainability of our country and planets environment.
Artificial grass or synthetic turf is made of PE + PP material which has a soft and safe yet tough and durable texture which makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It is also normally manufactured and treated to be UV resistant which ensures you are protected from fading and discolouration under the sun. Most products are made with a PP backing that allows water to drain of naturally
– Enjoy Natural evergreen landscape everyday
– No need to weed, mow, fertilize, water and upkeep so you can save time, cost and precious resources
– Soft to the touch and safe for children
– Long lasting and maintainence free
– Durable even if subjected to heavy usage eg. For commercial walkways, playgrounds, pets etc
– Easy and fast installation
Where can I use Artificial Grass?
Artificial grass is suitable for residential homes including indoor and outdoor usage such as front lawn, balcony, side garden and backyard. Its durable nature also makes it ideal for commercial landscaping and sports areas eg. Gold courses, putting greens, tennis courts and playgrounds. For businesses it is also often used to display products at exhibitions.
Recently, it has been found that pets especially dogs particularly enjoy playing and resting on artificial grass so if you are a pet lover this is an especially good choice!
– Suitable for residential homes eg. Balcony, lawn and backyard
– Suitable for commercial landscaping
– Suitable for sports areas eg. Golf, playgrounds, tennis courts
– Suitable for pets especially dogs