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Bamboo Slimming Massage 60 Mins

Bamboo Slimming Massage [60 Mins]

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Original Price : RM196

Additional Details

Treatment Procedure:

Step 1: Care Consultation
Step 2: Bamboo Massage Open Point
Step 3: Apply slimming or detox oil
Step 4: Slimming Massage

Estimated treatment duration: 1 Hour


At Face to Face, you will be getting a package consisting of care consultation. Be consulted by qualified professional care consultants! Care consultants exist for the sole purpose of giving you valuable, important insights and information about your body, thus helping you achieve the body you so desired. There will be a bamboo open point, where you will be given a massage using bamboo, followed by a slimming treatment by application of slimming, and detoxifying oils. The ending will be a relaxing slimming massage! Just how tempting. Waste no more time getting this pampering, slimming package!


Face to Face is proud to present you it’s all new Bamboo slimming massage! Head on over for guaranteed satisfaction! Not only does bamboo slimming give you a better figure, it also helps by giving you the treatment you so deserve. Start a new life with your new look. Live in confidence!