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Bladeless Fan

Bladeless Fan

43% OFF Bladeless Fan. Available in 3 Colors. Only RM229 instead of RM399. Free Delivery to Peninsula Malaysia.

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Original Price : RM399

Additional Details

Product Specs:
Touch-tilt adjusting fan is not top-heavy so you can tilt it easily
Dimmer switch control conveniently adjust speed settings with just a few turns
Safe design you stick your hands into the ramp while its working
Eficient energy use cost effective product that will not hike up your electricity bill despite its advanced technology
Easy cleaning a damp cloth will do
Noiseless motor operation just a little hum from time to time
Technical Specifications:
Number of speed settings: fully variable with dimmer switch control
Oscillation90 degrees
Touch tilt10 degrees either way
Color: Pink, Blue, Grey
Material: ABS
Product Size: 16 inch
Fan Hole Size: 14.5 – 16
Weight: 2.1 – 2.3kg
Power (W): 45 Voltage (V): 220-230
Environmental friendly, low noise, Air Cooling Fan
Wind: Strong and smooth air circulation
Children and pets friendly
Easy to operate and clean
Energy saving


Package includes:
Bladeless Fan
Remote Control
User Manual
Warranty: 3 months (Local Warranty)
All pictures are for illustration purposes only. Actual product and packaging may differ.


The Bladeless fans, does not just throw packets of air at you but instead directs smooth flowing air which you can adjust with its fully variable speed settings. Unlike the conventional electric fan, the Bladeless Fan has more convenient subtleties