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Bulgogi Brothers: RM50 Cash Voucher for Authentic Korean Food and Drinks at 2 Outlets for RM35

Bulgogi Brothers: RM50 Cash Voucher for Authentic Korean Food and Drinks at 2 Outlets for RM35

  • Korean casual dining restaurant originating from Gang-Nam, Seoul with over 40 current establishments in South Korea, Canada, and Philippines.
  • Dine on complimentary side bites of kimchi and more, accompanying specialty dishes that include savoury pajeon seafood pancakes, bibimbap, and the namesake bulgogi – meat and veggie dishes cooked table-side and served fresh.
  • Outlets conveniently located in Paradigm Mall and Midvalley Megamall.

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Twin brothers tend to know each other inside out, given that they always see one another and get undereach other’s skin. Play nice with today’s Groupon: for RM35, you get a RM50 cash voucher for food and drinks at Bulgogi Brothers at Paradigm Mall and Midvalley Megamall.

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Bulgogi Brothers

Since opening its flagship outlet in Gang-Nam, Seoul in 2006, Bulgogi Brothers has grown to include an international array of over forty eateries even within regions as far-flung as Philippines and the odd branch in Canada. Far from owing its spread to the widely-known viral club hit ode to their hometown, the establishment marches to the beat of its own bass and holds it own with faithful renditions of classic Korean food. Hearty mealspulled from the culinary legacy of the Land of the Morning Calm find accentuation within the restaurant’s Western-styled ambience though nonetheless retaining the authentic Asiatic tinge, keeping true to long-held cooking methods, as demonstrated through the sizzling display of cookery preceding a wholesome offering of the namesake bulgogi and bibimbap.

Meals come served with preparation and cook-ups unfolding right before diners’ plates, yielding a spectrum of colour and aroma as seasoned and marinated meat slices and choice vegetables cook in a whirlwind of flame and mastery, making for fresh servings delivered straight to awaiting plates and hankering mouths. The eponymous dish also makes for ideal treats with significant others, as the Unyang-style bulgogi platter resonates with appetites of the smitten, yielding a traditionally royal meal made up of seasoned meat, hand-pressed into affectionate heart-shaped patties. Besides the meaty mainstays, a variety of other similarly authentic dishes come splayed for the picking – including the savoury seafood pajeon pancake, and hot stews ranging from the kangdoenjang minced beef stew to the meticulously prepared galbi tang beef short ribs stew. Offering the logical next-step in the widespread craze for all things Korean, Bulgogi Brothers comes conveniently revealed in two outlets located in Paradigm Mall and Midvalley Megamall.

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