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Cartoon Wall Deco Sticker

Cartoon Wall Deco Sticker

72% OFF Cartoon Wall Deco Sticker. Available in 16 Designs. Only RM25 instead of RM89. Free Delivery to Peninsula Malaysia.

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Original Price : RM89

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Add a little flair to you home with todays StreetDeal offering. The Cartoon Wall Deco Sticker will put some character onto your wall and not to mention it is great for covering up damaged surfaces. This is a more hassle free way to decorate your house and it is cost saving as well!


How to use:
1) Ascertain where you would like to paste the sticker and clean the area. Make sure that theirs is no dust, dirt, oil, water and stain on the area.
Warning: If the wall isnt smooth, the sticker may come off
2) Detach the transfer from the sheet one at a time.
3) Position them as you designed
4) Use a soft cloth or plastic card to smoothen out the sticker on the surface. Firstly, place the sticker on the center of each image then slowly and carefully push outward.