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Caviar Gold Facial, Sri Hartamas

Caviar Gold Facial, Sri Hartamas

Caviar Gold Facial at StarzBeauty Exclusive Studio, Sri Hartamas

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Caviar Gold Facial

Benefits of Caviar Gold Facial:
Appropriate for all skin types except acne and very oily skin
Slow the signs of premature skin, anti-stress and anti-tiredness.
To prevents premature aging of the face & damaging effects of free radicals.
Activates cell reconstruction & accelerates cellular renewal.
Improved skin tone instantly, gives a natural glow from the inside out.
Excellent skin cells repairing, rejuvenating and revitalizing effects.
Smooths out fine lines; lift and firm skin naturally.
You may experience softer, smoother skin after the first treatment.
Stimulate and accelerate new collagen and elastin formation to prevent skin sagging.
Deeply moisturizes and nourishes the deeper layer of the skin.

Treatment time required: approximately 2 Hours 30 Minutes

1. Activate cell metabolism & respiration, excellent for cells repairing.
2. Improve skin hydration & prevent moisture loss.
3. Slow down collagen depletion and the breakdown of elastin to prevent sagging skin.
4. Renew and refine skin’s appearance and texture with the power of sea-born energy.
5. Apply high quality products of Switzerland and France.

Everyone should treat themselves every now and then. Leave the stress and worries on the shelf for now, and theres no better way to relax than to get some great beauty treatments!


Caviar Gold Facial is a great rejuvenation therapy:
This facial treatment contains of Caviar DNA agent and Caviar extracts,
Boost skin moisture level, to add hydration,
Softening and speeding up the skin refining process,
Promote radiant looking skin.
Improves your skin texture, firmness & smoothness,
To illuminates the appearance of the skin with the power of sea-born energy.
The Skin is energized and renewed against the natural collagen breakdown & environmental damage.

The pure gold mask which is rich in vitamins and traces minerals has revitalizing and rejuvenating effects. It helps to remove toxins, waste and other blemishes. It also improves blood circulation and improves skin elasticity that restores your youth. It reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, and age spots.

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Caviar Gold Facial is a comprehensive treatment and comprised of:
Deep Cleansing
Apply Caviar DNA major ingredients during this treatment
Perform Massage (includes Face, neck & shoulder) with blended essential oil
DNA Skin Exfoliate (face & neck)
Double Mask (includes a customized mask and pure gold mask)
Mild extractions (steamer is optional)
Eyebrow shaping (optional)