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Credit Card Folding Pocket Micro Knife

Credit Card Folding Pocket Micro Knife

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Original Price : RM99

Additional Details

Product Specs:
• Blade measures 2.5″

• 5.5″ total length when open

How to Use (Step by Step)
• When you get your Micro Knife, it will be folded into a credit card shape. Simply unfold it to reveal the knife’s small but strong blade.
• Use the knife to cut virtually any and all things that need to be cut.
• Clean any dirt off your knife. If you rinse it with water, the dirt should easily run off of it.
• Fold the knife back into its original credit card shape. Don’t hold onto the tip of the blade while doing so.

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Micro Knife, as seen on TV, is a professional blade pocket knife that folds flat to fit into your wallet. This ultra light pocket knife is as small as a credit card when folded and only 5.5″ long when opened. The blade measures 2.5″ in length.
Micro Knife’s surgical steel blade can cut through just about anything- rope, boxes, sheet rock, packages, fruits and vegetables, and more. Easy to use- simply fold from the card shape to knife shape and back again to store in your purse, wallet, tackle box, or pocket.
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