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Cubic Fun 3D Puzzles

Cubic Fun 3D Puzzles

53% OFF Cubic Fun 3D Puzzles. Available in 3 Designs. Only RM42 instead of RM89. Free Delivery to Peninsula Malaysia.

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Original Price : RM89

Additional Details

Product Specs:
Promotes creative play for children
Improves hand-eye coordination for the development of fine motor skills
Increase memory ability
Strengthens sorting skills
Fosters spatial reasoning and awareness of proportions and patterns in 3 dimension
Develop logical thinking and problem solving skill
Develop children´s skills of controlling, organizing, and constructing


Looking for a new educational / brain stimulating toy for your child to help pass time? Forget about DIY puzzles and challenging, not to mention, dangerous DIY toy making processes. Because todays StreetDeal has something more entertaining to offer with the Cubic Fun 3D Puzzles.

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The fact that no scissors are required, means the safety of your child is guaranteed. No glue requirements, also means that your child will not have the chance to mess the house up while you’re not around. Choose from 3 fun and interesting designs that will surely bring forth heaps of joy and creativity for hours.

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