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Deep Cleansing + Tummy Herbal Ball

Deep Cleansing + Tummy Herbal Ball

Deep Cleaning Facial + Tummy Herbal Ball Treatment + RM 30 Product Voucher at Adeline Beauty House, Cheras

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Original Price : RM236

Additional Details

Package includes: Deep Cleansing Facial
Tummy Herba Ball Treatment
Free RM30 Product Voucher

Treatment Steps:
Consultation on first session (5 min)
Welcome head massage (10 min)
Double cleanser (10 min)
Scrub (10 min)
Extration (15 min)
Hydro gel mask (10 min)
Face point massage (15 min)
Tummy Herba Ball Treatment (15 min)
Customised soft mask application(15 min) – (Depending on skin type)

Estimated treatment duration: 2 Hours


Benefit of collagen facial treatment:
Replenish lost collagen
Effectively moisture & repair skin
Reduce wrinkles & fine lines
Lift up inelastic & swollen skin
Improves blood circulation

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Just how many of you out there have to endure stress from work & everyday living day in day out? Prolonged stress will wear you down from within, affecting your health physically and mentally. Experience this unique and phenomenal therapy now…

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Purpose to bring you comfort and relaxing to relieve your tension and stress.

At Adeline Beauty House, they know that very well thus with their ” Deep Cleansing Facial + Herbal Ball Treatment “, your inner beauty will be brought out and radiate your beautiful skin.