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Epi Roller – DIY Hair Removal Device – Includes Delivery

Epi Roller - DIY Hair Removal Device - Includes Delivery

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Normal Price : RM40


  • Natural and safe to use
  • Milder and less painful than waxing or conventional threading
  • Unlike conventional threading, the roller will not damage the skin
  • Doesn’t remove a layer of skin like waxing does
  • FREE delivery within Peninsular Malaysia

Details of the Deal

Being hairy is like having knowledge of television drama storylines before your friends do; while extremely useful for self-satisfaction, revealing too while in the wrong company can ruin group gatherings but much like planning visits to the dentist, making appointments for bikini waxes can leave females in severe situations of duress.

Stop losing hair in the wrong places at the thought of hot wax being ripped off your skin because with this DEAL you can get yourself a DIY hair remover for only RM15 that is so easy to use, you’ll be doing it in your sleep!

Details of the DEAL:

How Often Will I Need to Use Epi Roller?

  • You can use Epi Roller anywhere, anytime, and as often as you like.
  • Some women find their hair grows very quickly and they use Epi Roller every day
  • Others may only need to use it every few days or weeks
  • It doesn’t matter how often you use Epi Roller as it will cause you no harm

How Do You Use Epi Roller?

  • Epi Roller is so simple to use that women of all ages can use it
  • Girls as young as ten and elderly women use Epi Roller
  • Don’t worry if your eyesight struggles with close-work
  • Go-by-feel usage
  • You don’t need a mirror in front of you either
  • Simply roll Epi Roller and your facial hair will be removed in minutes by the beautifully engineered precision spring
  • Just place Epi Roller against your face and roll in a continuous motion. Several strands of hair will be removed at once.
  • You will feel a sensation as the hair is being pulled out from the root
  • Beginners who are not used to threading may experience some sensitivity while the hair is being pulled out
  • With regular use your skin will get accustomed to the sensitivity
  • Apply a soothing cream after using Epi Roller if you wish
  • As you become more familiar and practised at using Epi Roller, removing facial hair will be a breeze!