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Eyelash Extensions, Sri Hartamas

Eyelash Extensions, Sri Hartamas

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Additional Details

Eyelash Extensions exclusively at StarzBeauty:
Extensive years of experience in the application of lash extensions.
Instantly transform the eye into flitter flutter of full lengthy lashes.
No more smudgy-eyed mornings, no need for mascara & eyelash curler.
It is perfectly convenient for a shortened beauty routine.
Extensions are perfect for everyday wear as well as special occasions.


Eyelash extensions are Semi-permanent. The extensions are applied by hand to each of your own lashes and not directly onto the eyelid skin. The application process is comfortable, relaxing and entirely pain-free; you just have to lie with your eyes closed!

Eyelash Extensions can add dramatic volume and length to thin and short lashes. It also can add length to your already long lashes and volume to finer lashes. Darken fair lashes and curl naturally straight lashes. No longer bother with applying mascara every day. The lashes are virtually weightless; they do not affect your eyelashes at all – except to enhance length, volume and thickness of your lashes and make you feel fabulous!


Customize your lashes by length and volume

With eyelash extensions, you can get the long, thick, curly and dark lashes you’ve always dreamed of and you can choose from a variety of lash grades, lengths, curls, thicknesses to achieve the look you desire!
The extensions can create a variety of looks from very natural to full on glamour

At StarzBeauty we actually do a consultation prior to the lash application, to discuss and determine what Lash Design best fits your eyes, face & life style. Your own unique design customized just for you!


At StarzBeauty, we use quality Lash products with a huge range of available lengths, curls and thicknesses. This enables us to tailor a look that is suited specifically for you. The glue is specially formulated for human lashes and will not damage natural lashes.

With StarzBeauty lash extensions you will look years younger and your eyes will instantly appear rested, lifted and more beautiful. You will love your new vibrant, long, thick lashes.


Eyelash extensions not only emphasize the shape of the eye but also create beautiful captivating eyes with dark thick lashes. Eye-lash extensions exclusively by StarzBeauty always bring out the best in you!

Additional highlights:
Only a trained professional will be able to safely apply extensions.
Self application may cause eye injury, clumpy or unnatural looking lashes.
Lash extensions are 100% waterproof, safe in the shower, swimming, exercise etc.
Eyelashes are weightless and you feel nothing on your lashes.
Unlike traditional false lashes, extensions will last significantly longer, weightless and look natural.
They can be removed or added if needed.
Nos. of lashes needed depending on the amount of fullness desired.
Please ensure eye makeup is removed with oil free cleanser before you arrive for the application.

Eyelash extensions may not be suitable if:
You have eye infection or any kind of eye irritation
Recently undergone eye surgery
You have eye allergies and rub your eyes often
You have very sensitive eyes that are prone to allergic reaction