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Face, Eye & Neck Gua Sha Treatment

Face, Eye & Neck Gua Sha Treatment

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Original Price : RM288

Additional Details

Treatment Includes:
Double Cleanse (Full Face)
Skin Consultant
Face + Eye Gua Sha
Neck Gua Sha With Herbal Essential Oil
Hydrating Mask

Estimated Treatment Duration: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Traditionally the Chinese have used various massage methods and techniques to cure illnesses and aches, they believe that there are many medical benefits that can obtained through the art of massage.


Gua Sha is a special technique used in traditional Chinese medical treatment to stimulate nerves, improve blood circulation and cell activities. Our Gua Sha method by cotton wool, not only gives you the above mentioned effect, it also has exfoliation effect whereby it helps to remove skin’s dead cells and blackheads.


Coupled with suitable skin care being applied on the skin, this unique method is also good for detoxification. Skin is instantly softened and brightened up.


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