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Flex Shaper

Flex Shaper

65% OFF Flex Shaper. Only RM49 instead of RM139. Free Delivery to Peninsula Malaysia.

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Original Price : RM139

Additional Details

Product Specs:
• Flex Shaper comes with a free Engrave It pen
• Give you a great upper body workout
• Tones musclces
• Works out triceps, biceps, back and thighs
• Easy to carry around
• Suitable for everyone


Is a handy and portable exercise machine that you can take with you everywhere you go. It will give you a great upper body workout and tone your muscles just like a much bigger and more expensive machine would do. The developers recognized the need for an extremely portable resistance trainer, and they sure delivered with the Flex Shaper.
You can use the Flex Shaper to work out your triceps, biceps, back, and even your thighs. Personally, after using the Flex Shaper I see absolutely no reason to buy a whole house full of expensive gym equipment when the Flex Shaper is capable of replacing most of them. In this Economy, the Flex Shaper is very timely in delivering an effective machine for the budget minded consumer. Plus, for those of us lucky enough to already have other equipment, and a somewhat established workout routine, the Flex Shaper can easily be incorporated into your existing routine, or add on some workout time on your lunch hour at work, or take it in your suitcase on trips.
The Flex Shaper is a unisex machine and can easily be used by anyone of any age or fitness level. There really are no more excuses for getting toned and/or losing weight with the Flex Shaper. It’s cheap and portable, and you can workout anywhere… even in front of the TV if you wish. So, come on couch potatoes, isn’t it time to make the commitment to getting healthier? NOW is the time to achieve your goals, get that body you’ve always dreamed of and live a healthier more fulfilling lifestyle.