Home » Products » From RM98 for a 2-Day Kids’ Multiple Intelligence Programme at MRC Kids Mid Valley, The Boulevard (worth up to RM600)

From RM98 for a 2-Day Kids’ Multiple Intelligence Programme at MRC Kids Mid Valley, The Boulevard (worth up to RM600)

From RM98 for a 2-Day Kids' Multiple Intelligence Programme at MRC Kids Mid Valley, The Boulevard (worth up to RM600)

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The deal

  • 2-day programme for 1 child for RM98 instead of RM300
  • 2-day programme for 2 children for RM178 instead of RM600

Gardner’s 9 Multiple Intelligence Theory (9MI)

Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence

  • Verbal skills and sensitivity to sounds, meaning, and rhythms of words
  • Skills: listening, speaking, writing, teaching
  • Potential careers: poet, journalist, writer, teacher, lawyer, politician, translator

Mathematical-Logical Intelligence

  • Thinking conceptually and abstractly, and perceiving logical or numerical patterns
  • Skills: problem solving (logical and math), performing experiments
  • Potential careers: scientists, engineers, accountants, mathematicians

Musical Intelligence

  • Producing and appreciating rhythm, pitch, and timbre
  • Skills: singing, playing instruments, composing music
  • Potential careers: musician, disc jockey, singer, composer

Visual-Spatial Intelligence

  • Thinking in images and pictures, and visualising accurately and abstractly
  • Skills: puzzle building, painting, constructing, fixing, designing objects
  • Potential careers: sculptor, artist, inventor, architect, mechanic, engineer

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence

  • Controlling body movements and handling objects skillfully
  • Skills: dancing, sports, hands-on experiments, acting
  • Potential careers: athlete, PE teacher, dancer, actor, firefighter

Interpersonal Intelligence

  • Detecting and responding appropriately to the moods, motivations, and desires of other people
  • Skills: appreciating another person’s perspective on things, empathy, counseling, cooperating
  • Potential careers: counselor, salesperson, politician, business person, minister

Intrapersonal Intelligence

  • Self-aware and in-tune with inner feelings, values, beliefs, and thinking processes
  • Skills: self-reflective and self-awareness
  • Potential careers: researchers, theorists, philosophers

Naturalist Intelligence

  • Recognising and categorising plants, animals, and other items in nature
  • Skills: Recognising humanity’s connection to nature, applying scientific theories in life
  • Potential careers: scientist, naturalist, landscape architect

Existential Intelligence

  • Sensitivity and ability to face deep questions about human existence like the meaning of life
  • Skills: reflective and deep-thinking, designing abstract theories
  • Potential careers: scientist, philosopher, theologian

Class schedule

Sat and Sun

  • 11am: Smart activity
  • 12.30pm: Lunch
  • 1pm: Nap or rest time
  • 2pm: Smart activity
  • 3.30pm: Teatime
  • 4pm: Class ends

MRC Kids Mid Valley

Parents hustling to get errands and shopping done make use of the childminding service providers who offer a fun and engaging learning environment for kids. Classes that allow children to engage in their creative and cognitive sides are offered on the daily, while those seeking to proffer their own narrative may take part in the mini theatre and storytelling facilities. Games, toys, and a PlayStation console are also available.

The centre inspired by the Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence also offers educational programmes designed to improve linguistic skills through multilingual training, with the basic English, Bahasa Malaysia, and Chinese languages on offer. On top of educational enrichment, it is also a character-building environment that focuses on teaching children positive attitudes, creative problem-solving, interpersonal skills, character development, and more.