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Frozen Cartoon Wristwatch

Frozen Cartoon Wristwatch
Frozen Cartoon Wristwatch is Available in 15 Delightful Designs and is Based on The Ever Popular Movie Making it The Perfect Accessory for The Little Ones

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Normal Price : RM104.90

    • A sweet and cute watch for the cutest kid
    • Perfect for various occasions
    • Style up your little girl or boy for special events like birthdays and family gatherings
    • Wow your friends and family with your little childs fashion style
    • Colourful & vibrant to match any outfit

Watches were named for their persuasive ability to tempt wearers to closely watch the time go by, second by second, especially when extremely bored.

Give kids more style to keeping time with today’s DEAL – Frozen Cartoon Wristwatch for RM34.90.

Kids who like to have time on their hands get the chance to adorn their wrist with this iconic piece. From 15 designs to choose from, one will definitely find a type that best suits their preferences.

DEAL specifications:-

  • Weight: 60g
  • Watch: 4.4cm (diameter) x 1.4cm (thickness)
  • Belt: 23cm x 23cm
  • Available in 15 designs

Design 1

Design 2

Design 3

Design 4

Design 5

Design 6

Design 7

Design 8

Design 9

Design 10

Design 11

Design 12

Design 13

Design 14

Design 15