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Frozen Seafood from Piau Kee Seafood Retails

Frozen Seafood from Piau Kee Seafood Retails

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The deal

  • 1x packet of seabass fillet for RM35.90 instead of RM38.80
    – Weight: 200g per packet
  • 1x whole Chinese pomfret (M) for RM58.80 instead of RM68
    – Weight: 600g per fish
  • 1x whole coral trout (AA) for RM69.90 instead of RM128
    – Weight: 800g per fish
  • 1x box of Argentinian red shrimps (XXL) for RM98 instead of RM128
    – Weight: 2kg per box
  • 1x box of scampies for RM33 instead of RM38.90
    – Weight: 300g (4 pieces)
  • 1x whole king crab for RM108 instead of RM168
    – Weight: 1kg per crab
  • 2x packets of xian bao pian (abalone slices) for RM18.90 instead of RM27.35
    – Weight: 300g per packet
  • 2x packets of cui pi sea cucumber for RM23.80 instead of RM29.80
    – Weight: 500g per packet
  • 2x packets of unagi kebayaki for RM30.63 instead of RM61.26
    – Weight: 180g per packet
  • 2x packets of salmon cuts for RM39.90 instead of RM56
    – Weight: 200g per packet
  • 2x packets of saba mackerel fillets for RM46.90 instead of RM59.80
    – Weight: 500g per packet
  • 3x packets of Farrest scallop meat for RM25.50 instead of RM29.70
    – Weight: 200g per packet
  • 3x packets of tuna loin for RM38.80 instead of RM59.70
    – Weight: 200g per packet
  • 3x boxes of half shell scallops with roe for RM48.80 instead of RM56.70
    – Weight: 400g per box
  • 3x packets of IQF U.S. scallops for RM54.50 instead of RM66
    – Weight: 200g per packet

Customers also get

  • Piau Kee Seafood Retails membership card
    – Valid for 10% off all normally-priced items

Piau Kee Seafood Retails

Initially starting its operations as a fishmonger in Central Market in 1972 by Mr. Cheah Leang Tee and Madam Huan Ah Hua, Piau Kee planted its roots by supplying fresh seafood to customers across the Klang Valley. In 1990, Piau Kee moved to a new facility equipped with a cold room, warehouse, and blast freezer to maintain the freshness of its produce and began to trade and distribute seafood, vegetables, and fruits in 1992. By 1995, as demand for frozen food increased, it started to supply five-star hotels, fast food chains and airline caterers. As its business continued to grow, Piau Kee moved once again to a new two-acre land in 2003 to fulfill an ever-increasing demand for its products. Its commitment to hygiene and safety is reflected with Halal, ISO 9001:2000, and HACCP certifications. Since 2007, it has added retail packs in supermarkets and shopping malls; categorised by its two brands: PK Froz for frozen seafood and Green Master for import of frozen and fresh vegetables and dairy products.