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Glass Tea Set

Glass Tea Set
Glass Tea Set Features 6 Double-Layered Teacups for Excellent Insulation to Keep Tea Warm, Made of Borosilicate Glass with Heat Resistance Up to 120C, Inner Tea Leaf Strainer is Included in the Teapot

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Normal Price : RM129

  – Made with borosilicate glass that withstands temperatures up to 120C
  – Heat-resistant double-layer teacups keeps drinks warm
  – Dimensions: 
    – Teapot: 17cm (H) x 12cm (W) 
    – Teacup: 3.5cm (H) x 5.6cm (W)
  – Capacity: 
    – Teapot: 600ml 
    – Teacup: 50ml
  – Teapot includes inner tea leaf strainer

Package includes

  – 1x teapot
  – 6x teacups