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Grand Harbour Restaurant: High Tea Set for 2 OR All-You-Can-Eat Dim Sum for 1 with Free-Flow Drinks

[Grab it now with RM31.80 @ Groupon]

Before the invention of bamboo baskets, dumplings would refuse to leave the warm cocoon of steam pots in fear of chilly chopsticks, thus earning the name potstickers. Today’s Groupon offers a fighting chance with a dim sum meal from Grand Harbour Restaurant in Mid Valley Megamall and Fahrenheit 88. Choose from:

  • High tea set with free-flow drinks for 2 people for RM36.80
  • All-you-can-eat dim sum with free-flow drinks for 1 person for RM31.80

Meal includes

High tea set. Each group of 2 people gets:

  • Dim sum (choose 12):
    – Crispy durian puff (max. 2 pieces per person)
    – Glutinous rice ball in coconut flakes
    – Steamed piggy bun with lotus paste
    – Steamed custard quicksand bun
    – BBQ pork bun char siu bao
    – Malaysia-style steamed sponge cake
    – Steamed yam bun
    – Honey BBQ pork pastry
    – Freshly-baked egg tart
    – Pan-fried radish cake
    – Deep-fried yam puff
    – Salad prawn dumpling
    – Chilled osmanthus cake
    – Chilled herbal jelly
    – Pan-fried water chestnut cake
  • Free-flow of tea, milk tea, or coffee

All-you-can-eat dim sum. Each person gets:

Grand Harbour Restaurant

Boasting four outlets across Kuala Lumpur, including shopping enclaves like Mid Valley Megamall and Fahrenheit 88, the contemporary interiors of Grand Harbour Restaurant welcome patrons for extensive spreads of authentic Cantonese cuisine and of dim sum noshes. The restaurant is helmed by head chef, Chef Dai Bei, who brings up to 40 years of culinary passion and expertise to carefully crafted gastronomic creations made with fresh ingredients and smidges of creative flair, resulting in an array of speciality dishes. Palates and visual senses are treated to a whimsical dim sum feast of swan-shaped durian puffs, glutinous rice balls shaped as mice, steamed piggy buns, spiral yam buns, coral red rice shrimp rolls, and sunny siu mai bites, while taste buds yearning for heartier fare indulge in succulent pieces of braised pork belly, baked king prawns drizzled with a curry cream cheese sauce, double steamed “Tian Ma” herbal fish head soup, and more. Grand Harbour Restaurant also caters to private events and offers a number of VIP rooms and a banquet hall for celebratory events at select outlets.