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Green Photo Catalytic Mosquito Lamp+GIFT

Green Photo Catalytic Mosquito Lamp+GIFT

62% OFF Green Photo Catalytic Mosquito Lamp + FREE 10 Packets Cockroach Killing Powder. Only RM57 instead of RM149. Free Delivery to Peninsula Malaysia.

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Original Price : RM149

Additional Details

Product Specs:
• Uses scientifically proven photo-catalytic oxidation technology that attracts and kills mosquitoes
• Can be used indoors and outdoors such as the garden, kid’s room, office, terrace, etc.
• Low power consumption, safe to use round-the-clock
• Quiet (no annoying zapping sound), no poisons, no sprays or fumes
• Also acts as a night light
• One device per area is recommended up to space 70m2
• Quiet, no zapping

• Insecticides & Pesticides-Free
• No messy sprays
• Easy installation
• Low operation cost
• Ideal for Indoor use
• Fashion & high Efficient to capture mosquitoes
• Safe & no secondary pollution
• Kill bacteria
• Energy-saving
• Input Voltage: AC 110V ~ 230V,50Hz ~ 60Hz

• Rated Power: 6W
• Color: Green
• Package Contents:1 x Harmless Photo Catalyst Mosquito Killer
• FREE 10 Packets Cockroach Killing Powder

1. Low Noise: Ultra-quiet fan to minimize the noise. Mosquitoes are attracted to the repository and are air-dried and dehydrated to death. There is no “PA-PA” sounds like using electroshock mosquitoes catchers, and there is no high voltage, so it’s very safe and quiet.
2. Purifying air: High concentrations of photo catalysis can absorb more harmful gases.
3. Disinfection: UV light can kill harmful bacteria in the air.
4. Super anti-mosquito effect: Live mosquito which was captured in the mosquitoes storeroom will send out chemical information to attract the same, can continuously capture the surrounding blood-sucking female mosquitoes, To interrupt the mosquito breeding cycle group, completely eliminate mosquitoes.
5. Long life: This device use long-life CCFL tube. Soft light does not affect sleep, and may also offering nightlight.

World Health Organization found that the mosquitoes suck the blood habits be summarized as follows:
1. Crepuscular insect: Mosquitoes like to fly low-light situations.
2. Odor Habits: Sweat has a special kind of material 8 dilute alcohol, is a mosquito-like.
3. Carbon dioxide: The research found more than 90% of the mosquitoes search human breath by follow-up of carbon dioxide.
4. Temperature and warm moist air is necessary for mosquitoes’ living.
5. Breeze Fly Habits: Mosquitoes like to fly with the breeze.

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Get rid of mosquitoes in your home with a Photo-Catalytic Mosquito Catcher and Killer. Made with a UV light and a mini fan, the device sucks in, traps, and kills mosquitoes. It is best used at night, and can double as a night light. Place it at least one meter above the ground, plug it into a regular 220v outlet, and you’re good to go.

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FREE 10 Packets Cockroach Killing Powder