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Gym Metal Ab Roller

Gym Metal Ab Roller

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Original Price : RM139

Additional Details

Product Specs:
Disc Material: Molded plastic discs
Rod Material: Heavy Duty Gym Quality Metal Steel rod with comfortable grips
Overall Length: 31cm
Wheel Dimension: 18cm diameter

Want to get in shape, but too shy to work out in a gym? Get yourself the Gym Metal Ab Roller today, and roll your fats away. Get rid of that unflattering figure. It is time to get in shape. With the unhealthy lifestyle of the generation in which we live in today, there is limited time to lead a healthy lifestyle. what more driving to the gym.

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With the help of the Gym Metal Ab roller, you will surely get into the desired shape you have always wanted. Toned, buffed up, and most of all, fit. The Ab roller works on muscle areas like your abs, back, and arm, biceps and much more. Get yourself the Gym Metal Ab roller today, and get into perfect shape.

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