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Health Screening for Women with Physician Consultation

Health Screening for Women with Physician Consultation

  • Comprehensive health screening inclusive of pelvic or breast examination and ultrasound, and more.
  • Full blood profile covers elements that test for diabetes, lipid, liver and kidney function, and more.
  • Recommended for women aged 16 and above for the early detection and treatment of cervical cancer.
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Health is not a laughing matter, which is why medical tests are often conducted far away from laughing gas chambers and clowns. Today-s Groupon puts red into cheeks with a women’s health screening for one person from Klinik Dr. Sharan in Subang Jaya.

Package includes

  • Physical examination
  • Pelvic OR breast examination, with ultrasound
  • Blood profile
    – Full blood examination for 15 elements
    – Renal function test for 10 elements
    – Liver function test for 8 elements
    – Diabetes screening
    – Lipid studies for 5 elements
    – Urine FEME for 16 elements
  • Report collection and consultation (available within 3 working days from screening, not including Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays)

Customers should fast from food and liquids eight to ten hours before medical screening. Intake of plain water is permitted. Vaginal examination is recommended for sexually-active individuals; customers are advised to abstain from sexual activities one week prior to examination.

Top-ups (enquire within for prices)

  • Check for cancer markers:
    – AFP (liver)
    – CEA (colon)
    – CA 19.9 (pancreas)
    – CA 15.3 (breast)
    – CA 125 (ovarian)
  • Pap smear

Klinik Dr. Sharan

Extolling the benefit of a life led in balance via nutrition, exercise, and stress-management, the Subang Jaya private practitioner offers a scope of treatment and consultation, from bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and pain management alternatives, to dermatology and anti-aging treatment. Working hand-in-hand with pharmacies that offer customised medication, the clinic is a member of the Professional Compounding Chemists of Australia (PCCA).

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