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Hydro Power Facial, Sri Hartamas

Hydro Power Facial, Sri Hartamas

Hydro Power Facial + Hand Massage at StarzBeauty Exclusive Studio, Sri Hartamas

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Original Price : RM380

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Hydro Power Facial Highlights:
Helps dramatically increase overall hydration by significantly reducing water loss,
An extreme hydration treatment providing suppleness and radiance, decrease fine lines and wrinkles with immediate results.
To replenish moisture in dehydrate, sun-damaged, dry or aging skin,
soothes the skin and helps to even out skin tone, decreased brown spots,
Comforts and heals your skin by soothing redness and irritation,
Detoxifying and moisturizing action as a result of DNA and RNA components,
An anti-stress treatment, it gives a unique feeling of freshness and well-being ,
Active ingredient enhancer facilitate penetration of active ingredients into the skin

Proper hydration will reduce signs of aging by keeping your skin soft and supple!


The Hydro Power Facial saturates the skin with signature hydrating factors to reawaken the appearance of youth. A cascade of moisture comforts and quenches the skin on contact. Encouraging it to feel hydrated, nourished and conditioned as never before. This facial treatment targets all layers of the skin from the deep muscle foundation to the surface, improving the condition of skin from the inside out.


Hydro Power Facial exclusively target dehydration problems for all skin types. This is a tailored solution and incomparable re-hydrating power with an immediate and long-lasting effect.



Now, keep your skin hydrated with our Hydro Power Facial treatment and you can leaving your skin looking fresh and feeling revitalized. This intensive hydrating treatment starts with a complimentary skin analysis, followed by deep cleansing of skin, exfoliating peels and extractions, aromatherapy massage, infuse hydro concentrate and therapeutic serums, finish with our specialty masks that help restore, nourish and hydrate the skin with natural vitamins, minerals & protein.