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Instant Reusable Self Heating Pad

Instant Reusable Self Heating Pad

50% OFF Instant Reusable Self Heating Neck and Shoulder Heat Therapy Heat Pad. Only RM79 instead of RM158. Free Delivery within Peninsula Malaysia!

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Original Price : RM158

Additional Details

Product Specs:
80% Sodium Acetate (a kind of food grade salt)
20% water and a stainless steel disc.
PVC cover
Size : 45x20cm
Weight : 1000gm

CAUTION: Avoid pad from having direct contact with the pot

How to use:
Flex the metal disc in the pad. Crystal will start to form
Wrap the pad in a towel and place in it boiling water for 10-15 minutes until the crystal has dissolved completely.
Temperature will range from 54 degrees to 130 degrees
After use, wait until pad has cool down before storing
To use as cold pad : put in refrigerator for cooling before use



Soothe back pains and stiff necks with todays StreetDeal. The Magic Instant Reusable Heat Therapy Pads are perfectly safe to use. They contain a type of food grade salt solution, a stainless steel disc, water, and a high quality PVC cover. It is reusable and it helps to promote good blood circulation thus relieving certain body aches like muscle pain, backache, stiff neck, shoulder and neck pain, knee pain, headache, migraine, body joint pain, tendonitis, sinus, tennis elbow, sport injuries, abdominal discomfort and menstrual pain.