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Intensive Facial Package, 3 Outlets

Intensive Facial Package, 3 Outlets

97% OFF [2 Hours] Intensive Facial + Eye Treatment + Detoxification Firming Mask + Collagen Mask + Hydrating Mask at Suiterdur Und Beauty Haus, 3 Outlets. Only RM18 instead of RM580!

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Original Price : RM580

Additional Details

Package Includes

Intensive Facial Treatment:
Cleansing milk
Cleanser toner
Hydrating Mask
Collagen Mask
Detoxification Firming Mask

Eye Treatment
Cleansing milk
Cleanser toner
Eye detox massage
Eye Detox Firming Oil

Neck Treatment:
Cleansing milk
Cleansing foam
Neck massage
Back Massage

Treatment Duration: 2 Hours

Keep skin looking radiant and youthful
Slow down the aging process
Brighten up skin and leave you with a more youthful look
Reduce appearance of age spots, freckles and pigmentation
Improve the texture and skin tone of skin


Get rejuvenated and feel refreshed with today’s StreetDeal. Suiterdur Und Beauty Haus is offering a package that includes the most attractive treatments. Inclusive of an Intensive Facial Treatment, Eye Treatment, Detox Firming Mask, Collagen Mask, and Hydrating Mask!

Be sure to feel pampered and be rid of all your stress and pressure. Imagine having all your burden being lifted from your shoulders? That’s the feeling you are guaranteed, with Suiterdur Und Beauty Haus!