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Invisible Tummy Trimmer

Invisible Tummy Trimmer

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The invisible Tummy Trimmer will make you look 10 pounds thinner,instantly! It’s undetectable, even under thin knits and form fitting dresses. Reinforced front panel yields superior tummy control and smooths unsightly back rolls.

The Invisible Tummy Trimmer does not just flatten your stomach. It will give you a trim line from hip to chest. Whether you are a petite or a plus size, the Invisible Tummy Trimmer will enhance your appearance by smoothing your figure. Wear one today and enjoy a slimmer and more attractive you!



Made from a miracle elasta slim weave, this specially designed garment features a reinforced front that flattens your stomach, slims your waistline and your midriff, as it reduces your back roll. The Invisible Tummy Trimmer is guaranteed to make you look inches smaller and 10 pounds (4.5kg) lighter almost instantly. Since the Invisible Tummy Trimmer is seamless it is completely undetectable even when worn under thin knits, form fitting clothes, and sheer dresses.That dress wouldve looked perfect on you if not for that annoyingly frustrating bulge. Imagine if you could just zap away unwanted ‘extra baggage’ with the swish of a wand like Harry Potter?


Reviews (From Purchasers Who Bought Tummy Trimmer All Around The World):

1. Karyn Greer, March 11, 2009

Viewer Tuwisha Rogers gives the Invisible Tummy Trimmer a mixed review, saying it’s easy to slip on, feels light and breathable (not too hot for summer wear), and makes it a little easier to fasten pants. However, the reinforced front panel doesn’t pull in her tummy much at all, and the overall effect certainly isn’t 10 pounds slimmer.

2. Becky Worley, July 11, 2008

Says it can be useful when worn on top of a pair of tight jeans. “It helped to rein in my muffin top by streamlining the transition zone from tight jeans to loose hip flab,” she says. Worn in the usual way under clothes, it rides up and creates rolls of fat at the top and bottom. As an alternative, this reviewer recommends more expensive products that stay in place better.