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Kinoki Foot Patches – Includes Delivery

Kinoki Foot Patches - Includes Delivery

[Grab it now with RM29 @ MyDeal]

Normal Price : RM150


  • Each box contains 10 pieces
  • A natural and healthy way of removing toxins from your body
  • Improves your overall blood circulation and metabolism
  • Activates cells and improves function of vital organs
  • Relieves body from aches, pain and stress
  • Increases energy levels and decreases fatigue
  • Relaxes muscles and tendons, and eliminates moisture
  • Helps provide better sleep quality
  • Speeds up assimilation of nutrients to cells
  • Simple to use and works while you’re asleep – say hello to minimal effort

Details of the Deal

They’ve taken you places those pair of twins, but who would’ve thought that soles are actually the gateway to cleansing naturally? Terminate toxic overload overnight with Kinoki Foot Patches offered at only RM29 for 3 boxes or at RM55 for 6 boxes!

Much like birds migrating for the winter, nasty toxins make their daily pilgrimages down south, congregating at the toes, soles and ankles of the feet. Through the combined action of wood and bamboo vinegar, far-infrared energy and negative ion emissions, the Kinoki foot patch works like a magnet, absorbing hundreds of hazardous pollutants from the body.

  • Made from all natural ingredients:
    • Wood vinegar Extract
    • Bamboo vinegar Extract
    • Chitin and chitosan
    • Tourmaline
    • Vitamin C
    • Vegetable fiber
    • Minus Ion Powder
    • Dextrin

Instructions: Use the foot patch before bed and remove it in the morning, wiping down your feet with a wet cloth. Patch may appear to be greenish to black, depending on the individual. Use daily until discharge color is lighter and then use twice weekly to maintain a healthy body.

Awake to drama-free mornings and enjoy the rest of the day unconstrained by productivity hampering diseases.