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Local Hotel: 5D4N Tour of Up to 7 Destinations in China for 1 Person. No Shopping Tour


  • Choose from tours of Hainan, Macau and Zhuhai, Shanghai, Beijing, Guilin, Zhangjiajie, or Xiamen.
  • Visit local attractions like the Hunan Museum, the Yangshuo Silver Cave, Hangzhou’s West Lake, Tiananmen Square, or the Great Wall of China.
  • No shopping tour.
  • Travel till Aug 31, 2015.
  • Instalment plan available for RM19.19 per week. Click here to see our FAQ.

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Normal Price : RM1,436.00

The deal

Tour of selected destinations in China + local hotel stay

  • 5D4N vacation for 1 for RM998 (up to RM1,436 value)

China: Vast Compendium of Imperial Heritage and Scenic Wonders

Pulsating with up to 5,000 years of history running through its dominion, the People’s Republic of China stands as one of the world’s oldest civilizations. The winding annals of the nation’s formative years yield a rich tapestry of constructions ranging in scale – from the invention of modern-day necessities including the compass and paper, to the rise and structuring of successive dynasties and oft-romanticised reigns to which China owes her wealth of heritage and ancient marvels

The sheer expanse of the oriental republic holds a plethora of sights, with far-flung travels affording varied glimpses of grand imperial palaces and courtyards, and colourful folk crafts and culture, while regional inflows of the great streams of rivers Yellow and Yangtze from the East bring about a more delicate display of water towns and idyllic villages.

Plunging through the metropolitan exterior of major tourist cities Beijing, Xian, and Shanghai; past their pagoda-inspired urban skyscrapers and bustling townships, travellers can find an assortment of historical remnants scattered throughout China’s more modern urban manifestations. The aforementioned capital of Beijing houses such dynastic marvels, including the iconic Great Wall of China – a monumental feat of ancient architecture stretching for up to 8,850km, along with the Forbidden City of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987 with a regal collection of nearly 10,000 rooms. Proffering a melding of old town riverfront views with shopper-centric gallerias and bazaars, Shanghai provides ample business for travellers looking to bring home goods and mementos through its collection of retail stores, boutiques, and nightlife haunts dotting Nanjing Road; while laid back excursions come to states of repose with riverside drinks and public sightings of tai chi along the Bund waterfront.

Meandering beyond the cityscape, Guilin unfolds as an exotic splay of geographic gems, from limestone massifs to hilly landscapes – the likes of which can be sighted throughout sites including Folded Brocade Hill in the city’s northern point, Elephant Trunk Hill demarcating the cusp of the Li and Yang rivers, and the Solitary Beauty Hill nestled in the centre of Prince Jingjiang’s City. In addition to scenic valleys and winding river tours, visitors can also sample beach getaways and an escape from the urban sprawl through the island offshoot of Hainan. Train rides from Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Beijing take wayfarers into the province and closer to its melting pot of attractions, including the coastal culmination of water sports, fishing, and beach-side recreation in Sanya and Yalong Bay. This is accompanied by views of the native wildlife and simian escapades in the Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park and Botanical Garden, and Nanwan Monkey Island respectively.


The room

  • Rooms are on a twin-sharing basis. Hotel room, bedding, and facilities vary from hotel to hotel

Add-Ons (payable to Travel Star)

  • Tour with extra bed with meals for guest aged 18 and below: 1 Groupon
  • Tour without extra bed with meals for guest aged 18 and below: SGD158 per person