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Magic Iron Board Cover

Magic Iron Board Cover

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Original Price : RM90

Additional Details

Product Specs:
Magic Ironing Board Cover fits most standard ironing board in market and not over-sized
Cover has more density level (25) compared to China-made iron pad (10).
Thicker (9mm) compared to China-made iron pad (5mm).
Made in Malaysia
Size: 36 inch x 12 inch


Made from high quality heat-resistant fabric, this Magic Iron Board Cover is sure to give you more for less. It is most convenient and handy. The Magic Iron Board irons both sides with 1 swpie, right over buttons, zippers and embroidery without marking the material. Excellent for ironing velvet, corduroy and silk without flattening. Because of these factors alone, the process of ironing takes less than half the time. It irons 2 sides with just one swipe. Great ironing companions do not come easy. So grab yours from StreetDeal today.

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