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Mess less Dough Maker Bag

Mess less Dough Maker Bag

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Original Price : RM129

Additional Details

Product Specs:
Dimension: 22cm x 32cm
Material: Non-stick silica gel
Maximum volume: 1500ml
Usable temperature: – 40 230 Celsius


Package includes:
1 Mess-less Dough Maker Bag


For people who adore baking, working up the perfect fluffy pastries brings out the best of them.
However, It is always a nuisance on cleaning up the kitchen with flours flying around and cleaning off the gluey flour stuck at your hands.
Now, You no longer have to be afraid of cleaning up these with the Mess-less Dough Maker Bag.
Made from non-stick soft silica gel, this innovative dough mixer can work out a dough without creating stains or dusts on your table top and yourself. All you have to do is wash and clean the bag and it will be re-usable again.