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Min 2Pax 5D4N Shanghai + Hangzhou

[Min 2Pax] 5D4N Shanghai + Hangzhou

5D4N Shanghai + Hangzhou + Suzhou + Wuxi Stay at 4 Star Hotel Accommodation + Tour + Meals. Only RM59 instead of RM599 per person. (2 To Go)

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Original Price : RM599

Additional Details

Package Includes:
5D4N stay at local 4 Star Hotel
Chinese Speaking Guide
Transportation as per itinerary
Meals & Tour as per itinerary

Shanghai is the global tourists delight! With very modern skylines and living traditions at quaint linong heritage streets, one may experience the beauty of it’s splendor. Now, not only do you discover dynamic Shanghai, but Hangzhou as well.

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The regional cuisine is an explosion of flavors, from fried seafood flavored with the distinct taste of spirits to meats stewed for hours and noodles fried then braised in flavorful sauces. It can be said that this ultra-cosmopolitan city is the Mainland of Chinas biggest money-maker, and its ever-developing Pudong skyline is a great testament to its fast growth. As a city filled with possibilities, Shanghai is the perfect spot for travelers who are always on the lookout for diverse cosmopolitan thrill.

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Historic, rich, exciting, amazing, and beautiful these are words, used to describe the wonder that is Shanghai, the cradle of modern Chinese civilization. It is a combination of everything that is awesome, from ancient towns and notable landmarks to neon lighted clubs, restaurants and bars. The lifestyle is pulsating with activity and excitement, there is no room for boredom!

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