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NanoTech Foot Liberator Insoles

NanoTech Foot Liberator Insoles

78% OFF 1 Pair of NanoTech Foot Liberator Orthotic Foot Insoles for Ultimate Comfort and Health Improvement. Only RM28 instead of RM128. Free Delivery Nationwide.

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Original Price : RM128

Additional Details

Available in 3 shoe sizes to choose from:
• SIZE 4: 34 – 37 / 165mm
• SIZE 6: 38 – 41 / 175mm
• SIZE 8: 42 – 45 / 185mm

• Properly shapes the arch of your feet
• Normalizes your nervous system
• Accelerates your metabolic process
• Massages your feet as you walk.
• Infuses you with the benefits of negative ions
• Keeps your feet fresh and sterile
• Corrects back and shoulders misalignment
• Is effective therapy for lower back discomfort
• Supports your hips to reduce strain
• Reduces trauma on knee joints
• Enfolds your feet to improve stability
• Constructed with hypoallergenic material
• Is Odor Free
• Transferable from Shoe to Shoe
• Is durable, light and flexible.
• Improves blood circulation
• Tones up your feet
• Is fully washable
• Preferred and selected by Athletes (Sports Exercise)



Put the bounce back into your step with today’s StreetDeal. The NanoTech Foot Liberator is designed to prevent heel pain, plantar fasciitis and bone spurs. It works by giving the arch of your feet the support it needs; it supports 2/3 of the entire length of your feet!

How to use:
• Insert the NanoTech Foot Liberator into a comfortable pair of laced or sport shoes (not slip-ons).
• If you are already using other orthotics, we recommend you gradually phase them out as you adapt your feet to the NanoTech Foot Liberator.
• It is not recommended to use the NanoTech Foot Liberator for long periods of time if you are a first time user.