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Nicer Dicer Plus For Fruits And Vegetables

Nicer Dicer Plus For Fruits And Vegetables

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Original Price : RM138

Additional Details

Product Specs:
A multi-chopper tool that is suitable for the various preparation styles for fruits and vegetables
Cut your fruits and vegetables into cubes, sticks, strips, quarters or eights
Fulfil all your kitchen needs with the help of one Nicer Dicer Plus instead of having to go through the hassle of using a variety of knives, bowls, cutting boards, etc.
Saves space in your kitchen as well
Brand name: OEM
Material: Plastic Type PP + ABS

Package Includes:
1 cutting-top with integrated pin grid
1 cutting base
1 transparent collector (capacity 1.5 litres)
Cover for holding a fresh collection container
A blade assembly (6 mm x 6 mm or 12 mm x 12 mm)
A blade assembly (6 mm x 36 mm or 18 mm x 18 mm)
1 knife used for quarters or eighths
1 plug-cutting punch for eighth
1 part-cover for all blade inserts
1 professional peeler


While episodes of Master Chef may have inspired hours of culinary experiments in a kitchen, a good chef should never be without proper tools to create the perfect dish. Weve got the ideal kitchen aid for you today with a Nicer Dicer Plus.

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