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Obanhmi: Vietnamese Meal with Drinks for up to 4 People at 1 Utama

Obanhmi: Vietnamese Meal with Drinks for up to 4 People at 1 Utama

[Grab it from RM29 @ Groupon]

According to Armageddon experts, the phenomenon of flying pigs is a sign of the a-pork-calypse. Today’s Groupon keeps porcine travels grounded with a Vietnamese meal for up to 4 people from Obanhmi in 1 Utama Shopping Centre. Choose from:

  • Meal for 2 people for RM29 instead of RM44.90
  • Meal for 3 people for RM43 instead of RM67.10
  • Meal for 4 people for RM56 instead of RM89.45

What you get

Main course (choose 1 per person)

  • Beef combination pho soup with tenderloin, brisket, and meatballs (RM12.90 value)
  • Beef tenderloin and meatball soup (RM11.90 value)
  • Chicken pho soup (RM11.90 value)
  • Grilled chicken vermicelli and spring roll (RM11.90 value)
  • Grilled pork chop rice (RM11.90 value)
  • Roasted pork rice (RM11.90 value)
  • Sizzling steak sandwich (RM11.90 value)
  • Grilled BBQ pork vermicelli and spring roll (RM10.90 value)
  • Grilled chicken rice (RM10.90 value)
  • Lemongrass chicken rice (RM10.90 value)
  • Grilled BBQ pork sandwich (RM10.90 value)
  • Vietnamese meatball sandwich (RM10.90 value)
  • Roasted pork sandwich (RM10.90 value)
  • Vietnamese ham sandwich (RM10.90 value)
  • Teriyaki chicken sandwich (RM9.90 value)
  • Lemongrass chicken sandwich (RM9.90 value)

Appetiser platter

  • Meal for 2 people: 1x small platter
  • Meal for 3 people: 1x large platter
  • Meal for 4 people: 2x small platters
  • Choose from:
    – Roasted pork
    – Deep-fried chicken wings
    – Fried chicken skin
    – Crackers and salad

Drink (choose 1 per person):

  • Hot or iced lemon tea (RM3 value)
  • Hot or iced lime soda (RM3 value)
  • Soft drink (RM3 value)
  • Mineral water (RM3 value)

Top-up available

  • RM1 to upgrade to Vietnamese coffee (RM5 value), choose from:
    – Black, milk, or drip coffee (hot / iced)
  • RM2.50 top-up for 1 piece of spring rolls, choose from:
    – Chicken and prawn summer roll
    – Pork and prawn summer roll
    – Tofu summer roll
    – Fried spring roll

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Catering to the busy crowds of 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Obanhmi beckons strolling forms to casual interiors brightened by whimsical touches of painted coffee pots, chalkboard illustrations, and wafting scents of freshly baked bread. The restaurant serves up street-style Vietnamese cuisine, plying patrons with hot hunks of its signature bahn mi sandwiches made from crusty baguettes and soft centres bursting with crisp vegetables, fried eggs, and pork meatballs, lemongrass chicken, or thick cuts of steak. Meanwhile, satisfied slurps echo through the restaurant as chopsticks dip into rich pho soup for mouthfuls of noodles, before patrons sip spoons of the citrus-tinged broth, redolent with meaty flavours from chunks of Australian beef tenderloin, brisket, chicken, and more. Accompanying platters of translucent rice spring rolls stuffed with coral prawns curls and chicken, hearty portions of rice and bun bowls, and bittersweet cups of traditional Vietnamese drip coffee bring gustatory flair to each meal.

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