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Oris Wrislet

Oris Wrislet

65% OFF Oris Wrislet. Available in 3 Colors. Only RM28 instead of RM80. Free Delivery to Peninsula Malaysia.

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Original Price : RM80

Additional Details

Product Specs:
Brand: Oris

Material: Canvas
Size : 12cm x 20cm x 2cm

Suitable for storing essentials and important necessities such as mobile phones, cash,coins, and card
Color: Blue, Red, Brown

43363313190639.jpg 197937368182465.jpg 915101997088641.jpg 679274882655591.jpg 377771144500002.jpg 31517021590844.jpg

Today’s StreetDeal offers you a Oris Wrislet, the design, the material and the structure of it emanates Stylish Female Fashion Casual. Grab one now and add it to your collection as it suits many occasion including casual outings!

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