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Pavilion KL: Chinese Set Meal for 3 People at Starz Kitchen

Pavilion KL: Chinese Set Meal for 3 People at Starz Kitchen

  • Dine on an assortment of Chinese dishes including roast duck, braised pork ribs, Szechuan beef, steamed fish, and more.
  • Restaurant specialising in Chinese cuisine.

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The deal

  • Set A for 3 people for RM109 instead of RM187
  • Set B for 3 people for RM119 instead of RM208

Set includes

  • BBQ meat platter:
    – Set A: char siew and siew yoke
    – Set B (choose 3): char siew, siew yoke, roast duck, or roast chicken
  • Main dish (choose 2):
    – Stir-fried sliced pork belly with XO sauce
    – Typhoon shelter-style clams
    – Typhoon shelter-style pan-fried grouper
    – Bittergourd with duck in casserole
    – Shrimp dumplings in chicken soup casserole
    – Fragrant braised pork ribs in casserole
    – Sweet and sour fish
    – Stir-fried pork slices with green chillies
    – Stir-fried chicken with Chongqing peppers
    – Steamed prawns with garlic and flat rice noodles
    – Braised pork with preserved vegetables in casserole
    – Pan-fried egg with whitebait fish
    – SiChuan beef in chilli broth
    – Steamed fish with Chinese mushrooms
    – Fragrant curry chicken
  • Vegetable dish (choose 1):
    – Bean curd with assorted fungus
    – Seasonal green vegetables
    – Braised seasonal vegetables in soup
    – Fragrant lettuce with dried shrimp paste in casserole
    – Pan-seared green chilli peppers
    – Braised bean curd with mushrooms
  • 3 bowls of double-boiled soup
  • 3 bowls of rice
  • 3 servings of desserts

Starz Kitchen

A vested venture into the culinary world by Hong Kong singers Alan Tam and Hacken Lee, Starz Kitchen brings together the cooking styles of the varying regions of China. Perched within the bustling city centre of Pavilion KL, Starz offers up dishes cooked up to feed the growling bellies and hungry eyes of their guests, including roasted duck, crispy pork belly, a whole roast pigeon artfully perched upon clean white porcelain, and more.

Facebook: Starz Kitchen