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Philips Aroma Cartridge Green Dew

Philips Aroma Cartridge Green Dew

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Original Price : RM159

Additional Details

Product Specs:
Made with natural ingredients
Light fresh scent
Long lasting
3 units per pack, can last 1 year.


When you need to breath fresh air and feel energized at the same time, the Philips Go Pure automotive air purifier plus Green Dew aroma catridge will do that job nicely. Keep it in your car and let it cleanses your air and add natural fresh aroma inside, making it nice and clean like the morning air! You will certainly feel refreshed and full of energy!

Installation of Fragrance Cartridge
To remove the perfume cartridge, press on the side of it and pull it
To insert a new cartridge. Slide it into the left groove. Press on the right side.
Regulate the fragrance diffusion by moving the dial ring on the perfume cartridge.