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Philips LED DRL Daylight5 + Installation

Philips LED DRL Daylight5 + Installation

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Original Price : RM850

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Product Specs
Bright white 6000K high power LEDs
The kit can be installed on the vast majority of todays vehicles.
The units are slim in design and have a clip on system to make fitting easy
12 volt bulbs to easily integrate with your cars electrics
These are OEM quality lights made by Philips and are road legal for use in Europe, complying with European Regulations (ECE R87).
Each LED unit measures 180mm by 20mm

These Philips Daylight running lights are the latest LED technology that combine styling and safety. From 2011 new cars are being fitted with DRLs which come on whenever the ignition is on. Studies suggest that daylight running lights could save between 1,500 and 2,000 lives per year in Europe alone. These are White LED for front mounting.

These lights are an easy DIY install and can be installed on most cars, either in the grille or bumper.. The whole VW group in particular can accommodate these into the bumper between the grilles or with a small cut out.