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Philips LED Penlight + Batteries

Philips LED Penlight + Batteries

46% OFF Philips LED Penlight + 3 x AAA Batteries. 1-Year Warranty. Only RM64 instead of RM118. Free Delivery Nationwide.

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Original Price : RM118

Additional Details

Product Specs:
Best Light Quality:
– 6 powerful high quality long lasting LEDs
– Main Light: 250 Lux at 0.5 m
– Cool white & very intense light (10,000K)
– LED pointer on top: 85 Lux at 0.5m
Shock Resistance:
– Water & dust protected IP54
– Strong impact resistance
– Resistant to chemical & workshop solvents
Long battery life:
– Up to 11 hours operation time
– 3 Philips AAA batteris included
Application & Usage:
– Short-time inspection work
– Visual controls
– Neat cavities
– Mobile use



The Multi-directional Lighting System consists of three independent LED modules, each of which can be places at the users convenience to provide lighting wherever it is needed around a vehicle or in a specific area. This penlight is designed to replace four tools; the light-box, torch, spotlight and light-bar; also for professional long-time repair jobs. Its a great tool and you have to admit, it comes pretty handy when you need it to.